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Social Studies Foldables
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Social Studies Foldables
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U.S. History Foldables Review
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World History from Dinah Zike

Fun Paper Folding Extensions: - Create folder paper characters and have students act out stories, vocab, anything! - A Korean site with printable folded paper art. The Korean characters don't display the right way, but if you scroll down to the pictures, you can print the PDF files anyway. - Another site to create folded paper characters.

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Some of the Simple Foldables Directions
List of directions from Foldables Wiki
LOTS of Foldable Templates!

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Social Studies ExamplesMore Social Studies ExamplesDinah Zike's Graphic Organizers Page
2PockIGAMI Directions

More Resources:

Power Reading Bookable.pdf *exclusive to Brainigami

MnemonicDevices.pdf *exclusive to Brainigami


Color Responses.pdf *exclusive to Brainigami

Brain Bookable.pdf *exclusive to Brainigami

ConfirmIGAMI template.pdf

CircliGami Template.pdf *exclusive to Brainigami

Comprehension Strategies *exclusive to Brainigami

Even More Resources:

**Story Elements Layered Look Book Foldable®** The purpose of this series of lessons is to engage students in an instructional activity that will enhance their understanding of story structure and story elements.**How to Make a Journal Response Three Quarter Book Foldable®** Students love to use this Foldable® to respond to questions about the books they are reading.The Interest Bound Book Foldable® As students read the Nutmeg books, they keep track of the names of the places, things, and people that they'd like to learn more about in this Bound Book Foldable®.
How to Make a Pocket Book Foldable® Use the Pocket Book Foldable® to hold the Interest Bound Book Foldable® and notes from research.